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Posted by Liz Greene ([email protected]) on Sun Jun 11, 2006 on Firedance Community Discussion Group

Re: I've been Divinely Ravished!

Thanks for writing, Mellissa, it is good to 'hear' your voice! It has been too long since we were in sacred space together. I have such fond and ridiculous memories of all of us rattling the fire at the Harbin temple last summer with a mayo jar full of nails and other found sounds. We brought cosmos out of chaos that night!

I've worked with the Fire for many years and I am strongly devoted to fire circle practice as the center of my life. I reached a time in my life last summer, however, where one of my strongest experiences of the year happened not at a fire, but in a very plain workshop room at Harbin Hot Springs.

Mellissa and Richard created and held an intentional space of such loving softness that I felt a sense of timeless sanctuary. This open space of restfulness gave me the the time I needed to become present with myself and with the work I was undergoing. In my outer life I had been feeling immense pressure and had not been able to find a safe space to work with the loss and grief I was needing to feel. I had been in survival mode with no space to care for myself.

As I allowed myself to open to my 'now' and to experience my own emotions, the fullness of my inner world was uncorked. It seems impossible, but in the time of our first group session in that safe space, I was able to process months worth of 'stuff'.

And following/embracing my grief led me to the center of my heart . . . and as the afternoon progressed I was able to open those channels more and more, and do honor to my heart. Before long, although the grief was still present, there was (in addition) fresh and vibrant loving energy beginning to move through. I tasted the sweetness of the presence of the Beloved, and felt held. I allowed myself to glimpse and remember how much I was fighting the intimacy of spirit in my life, how we all fight that intimacy.

That same afternoon we floated in the healing waters of the warm pool at Harbin and allowed ourselves to dissolve into the presence of Spirit.

Later that night we went to the Barefoot Boogie and danced and sweated for hours; I remember allowing myself to move with more freedom than I had experienced in a very long time.

That weekend I also remember witnessing the processes of the others present, as well . . . knowing that everyone was having their own experience.

For all the work we do at the fire, I wonder if sometimes we allow ourselves to become distracted by all the peripherals? We can get bogged down in the specifics of what we are 'doing', and lose touch sometimes with the 'being'. Trish just mentioned something like this on the Hawaii Fire Tribe list. What's that chant lyric again? Is someone smudging at the gate? Does the fire need wood? and etc, etc.

With Divine Ravishment as offered by Mellissa and Richard, we get together and simply ask ourselves . . . Can we just say YES? Can we allow the Divine to have its way with us? Can we stop running, hiding, pretending?

That intimacy -- with ourselves and with Spirit -- is scary as hell. And we need a safe space to do it. Unfortunately to function in our society, most of us aren't sucessful in trying to be that plugged in all the time. You've tasted it, you've experienced wonderment. You've been transformed and transformed! But when was the last time you allowed yourself to be immersed? When was the last time you forgot about all the rituals and structures, and just opened your heart and said YES?

If that sounds like you, and if you'd like to have the Divine running heavenly nectar through every cell of your body, I recommend you just say YES.

That summer continued to be challenging and I remain intensely grateful to everyone who contributed to my experience at Divine Ravishment -- from getting me there (!), to the hugs and breathwork, to the floating watsu and sweet sweet kirtan chanting. It was the santuary and hidden space of rest I needed to process, get real, and re-charge myself so I could continue to live ordinary life. It was a time set apart for me to allow kindness in my life.

Thanks everyone for listening! I can't believe I've been on this mailing list for so many years (6 or 7?), and how rarely it is that I write something!

How do you say YES to the Divine?

- Liz Greene

(living in Northern Virginia near DC with Scott and Kudzu the cat)

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