What do participants say about their FIREDANCE Festival experience?

The following quotes are from surveys filled out by participants at FIREDANCE Festivals when asked to share some feelings about their experience:

"FIREDANCE is an opportunity for me to be in a safe, spiritual and creative community where I feel joyful, held and witnessed, while I dare to love."

"You have created such a sweet magical safe space to connect deeply. I am impressed with the container you create, and the gentle, subtle ways you monitor and work the energy."

"The space that is held here at FIREDANCE and the work done here are phenomenal and something I have been waiting to find for many years. Thank you."

"FIREDANCE was the best intentional circle/festival I've participated in for 25 years."

"I am so touched by the family here and the magic and power of the fire. I always move so much energy here."

"I reached a euphoric state!"

"I was welcomed into the drumming circle as a beginner and encouraged by experienced drummers to immerse myself in the experience...at sunrise I felt embraced in the softness and radiance of morning light like pearl and crystal...ahh, yes, namaste."

"The universal connectivity and openness of almost everyone I met was staggering."

"All the love of my heart was set free and accepted."

"Thanks to the intellectual depth and masterful planning of FIREDANCE! We love you guys and what you've built for us all."