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July 28 - 30, 2006 --
at Red White Blue Beach near Santa Cruz!

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After five years of delivering one of the sweetest and most impactful Festivals on the circuit, FIREDANCE comes down from the mountain to Santa Cruz, with our new site at spectacular Red White Blue Beach.

The heart of the FIREDANCE Santa Cruz Festival is the celebratory all-night fire circles. At night we come together to explore the beauty and mystery of life and each other through co-created adventures of drumming, dancing and singing around a sacred fire – connecting, trancing, and transforming – until the magnificence of morning is upon us.

You are invited to bring your drums and percussion instruments to play, bring your songs to sing, your voices to chant with, your feet to dance round and round the fire, and bring your hearts and gifts to share with the community.

We invite fire artists, fire spinners and burners to come to the beach and celebrate with us! Bring your fire magic to share, as we share our fantastically fun fire circles and Festival with you.

This year's FIREDANCE also features "Divine Ravishment," a program facilitated by Mellissa Seaman and Richard Bock from Harbin Hot Springs. Divine Ravishment is about getting in touch with your authentic state of bliss, whether you're drumming, dancing, singing, just sitting and breathing, or going about your day-to-day life.

FIREDANCE Santa Cruz includes additional playshops, upbeat performances, light-hearted ritual, deep play, ecstatic bliss, and profound connections.

FIREDANCE Santa Cruz is a community of cultural creatives who share a passion for celebratory musical fire circles, yummy connection, and positive personal growth. Our joy is to work and play together to create Intentional Sacred Festival Space. We combine vision, intention, adept facilitation, and we mix this with our unique style of 'drum and dance' fire circles – and other tools of festival 'tech' – to raise the group energetic into a heightened state of exuberant celebration.

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Through Divine Ravishment, we invite participants into an ecstatic state of authenticity and the direct experience of natural divine bliss, using activities like ecstatic breath, movement, and spontaneous play.

While we've got a lot of fun tools to share, we find the tools aren't as important as the strong group container we hold. When a group of open-minded-hearted people set their Intention on experiencing Divine Ravishment, we've found that the Universe shows up to provide just that, and we are there to hold safe space!

Divine Ravishment is about finding that ecstatic bliss in every experience, whether it's dancing, singing, drumming, or just sitting in silence and breathing.

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By combining Divine Ravishment with FIREDANCE, we're hoping to offer an ecstatic embodied experience that cultivates connection among the group, freedom and peace in our own mind/body/spirits, and an atmosphere of authenticity and expression that feeds all of us, creating a FIREDANCE that is both intimate and super-juiced.

Click here for what Liz Greene says about her Divine Ravishment experience.

with Divine Ravishment

THURSDAY, JULY 27th -- Preparing Grounding

3:00 PM - 9:00 PM: Early Arrivals at Red White Blue Beach. 
Find us at the "Almost Paradise" Meadow!

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM: Dinner Time.

Sunset at the beach

Evening:  "Early Arrivals" Night-before event – Improv Music Jam with TranceZenDance Members Jesse and Margot (and friends) around the Fire!

FRIDAY, JULY 28th -- Letting Go

10 AM - Noon: Yoga, Beach Exploration, Community Offerings

NOON - 1:00 PM: Opening Circle
Opening circle, introductions and orientation.  We share our group intention to create deeply joyous and sacred space together, and we share our personal intentions of growth, transformation and celebration.

1:30 PM - 2:30 PM: Lunch Time

3:00 PM - 6:00 PM: Divine Ravishment at the Beach with Mellissa and Richard. 
Experience your ecstatic state of authenticity and natural divine bliss.

6:30 PM - 8:30 PM: Dinner and Rest Time.

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM: Bardic Circle, Community Performances Sharing 

Sunset at the beach

9:00 PM - 10:30 PM: Sacred Fire Circle Orientation, and Community Intentions, with Cheri Shanti.

11:00 PM: FIREDANCE FIRE CIRCLE until sunrise!  Drum, dance, chant, celebrate!

SATURDAY, JULY 29th -- Filling Up

10 AM - Noon: Yoga, Beach Exploration, Community Offerings

Noon: Lunch Time

1:00 PM - 2:30 PM: Fire Circle Sharing and Discussion with Cheri.

3:00 PM - 6 PM: Divine Ravishment with Mellissa and Richard. 

6 PM - 9 PM: Saturday Night Only Arrivals.

6:30 PM - 9:30 PM: Dinner Time

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM: Sacred Pipe Ceremony with Angela Halle Blessing

Sunset at the beach

9:00 PM - 11:00 PM:  Celestial Musics, "Play and Partycraft" and "Orbsinthe" celebratory ritual toast with Charlie Sweeny of ORBUS.

10 PM: New Saturday eve Arrivals Fire Circle Orientation with Cheri

11:30 PM: FIREDANCE FIRE CIRCLE until sunrise! Drum, dance, chant, celebrate!

SUNDAY, JULY 30th -- Bliss

Sunrise Ritual

Morning Brunch at circle

All Day: Blissful hanging out and farewells (6 PM departure)

Optional Kiva Retreat Center excursion in afternoon or evening (seven miles away in Santa Cruz). 

Nighttime (for those still around): Community sharing circle. Bring your stories, music, or performance to share.



Mellissa Seaman
Mellissa transmits profound healing energy while remaining accessible to people of all backgrounds, traditions, and lifestyles. Her life path has led her through a Stanford education, years of Catholic liturgical experience, seven years as a lawyer, three years as a crisis counselor, and ten years directing, teaching and performing with the Center for the Improvisational Arts. Mellissa's varied experience and open sense of humor create in her a beautiful balance between the spiritual and material worlds. For more information on Mellissa go to

Richard Bock
Richard has been teaching meditation since 1978 and is a longtime facilitator of Quantum Light Breath, an embodied form of ecstatic breathwork that opens the emotional body. As a master aquatic bodyworker and massage therapist, he has been utilizing touch and breath to bring people back to their bodies for many years.  Richard's style is warm, humorous, open-hearted and down to earth.  With Mellissa Seaman, Richard teaches the Divine Ravishment workshops and provides Tantric Inquiry counseling sessions for individuals and couples interested in balancing their male/female energies and expanding their hearts and capacity for loving unconditionally in every moment.

Cheri Shanti
From drummers and dancers to the shyest child, Cheri brings out the rhythm in us, reminding us we are capable of creating our own music. She believes in the medicine of the drum in a modern world and in the Truth that rhythm and magical unity bring. Cheri dips into the well of African and Afro-Cuban as well as Middle Eastern rhythms, and most of her work is finding the unique expression within each individual


Angela Blessing is a creative powerhouse and a presence of undeniable integrity and depth. Her multifaceted background is as a respected ceremonialist, artist, designer, life-coach, and multi-industry manager. Her life-long spiritual quest is to bring transformative and sustainable technologies for conscious human and technological evolution. Brimming with potent ideas, creative solutions, and the ability to successfully motivate and enroll people, Angela leads by example and heartfulness.

Hallelujah Blessing is most known and loved for his exuberant charisma and inspiring words of hope and empowerment. He leads with a disarming playfulness and humor that is absolutely contagious. Halle honors the wealth of wisdom offered through a multitude of belief structures and traditions from around the world. He unifies consciousness and weaves sacred space through juicy rhythms, spirit-filled proclamations of divine truth, and much laughter and silliness.


Michael Marlin and Charlie Sweeny and Surprise Guests!

Charlie Sweeny is an art director and visionary creating and producing unusual events since 1978. The time-honored traditions found in his Annual Hobbit Party™, Bacchanal Cabal™ and Midsummer Night's Forest Fantasia™ events continue today through the ORBUS Celestial Camping Experiences™ and ORBUS Mystos™ mystery school. Charlie will be sharing some of his insights on the applied arts and philosophies of Play and Partycraft, as well intriguing samples of music that will be featured at this year's 29th annual ORBUSummer™ Perseid meteor shower star party and wilderness camping play retreat - being held August 10-13, 2006 in a secluded and beautiful high-mountain, lakes and forest preserve deep in California's Mendocino region.

We are kid and family friendly! There is no registration fee for children under 12, although you must pay Red White Blue Beach their camping fee, which is $21 per night per child (same as adult rate). Registration for children 13 - 17 is 50% of adult rate. There is no organized kids care, so you must be 100% responsible for your children. Red White Blue Beach is clothing optional.  All children must be accompanied by their legal parent.


Adam Fleischer
Hymond Otwell
Jeff Flanzer
Ravi Das


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We are working on having one or two food vendors on site that will sell food ala carte. You are also encouraged to bring your own camp food, and there will be a gas grill available for shared use. Restaurants and stores are a few miles away.

The preferred arrival day is Thursday, July 27th, between 3 PM and 7 PM.  Arrive the day before the official opening to secure your camp site, set-up, get familiar with the location, get grounded, and enjoy some special community night-before activity around the fire.

You can also arrive on Friday, July 28th, with a preferred 9 AM to Noon arrival time, so you won't miss Opening Circle and the first afternoon of "Divine Ravishment."  (If you plan to arrive late Friday afternoon or Friday evening, please let us know in advance at [email protected])

Standard departure is Sunday, July 30th, by 6 PM.  If you want to stay longer, it's no problem, you just need to pay $21 per night per person.